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Crisis At Worlds End (Cyber Teen Project Book 4) - Digital

Crisis At Worlds End (Cyber Teen Project Book 4) - Digital

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One enemy pitted him against another. Can a brilliant mind save the globe before it's blown to bytes?

Cybersecurity expert Nigel Watson is consumed with guilt. The top-tier hacker is obsessed with atoning for the infrastructure-crippling online attack he executed under duress. But when the young man gladly accepts a dangerous mission to drain the coffers of the callous cabal who forced his hand, he’s shocked to be beaten to the punch by a second cunning coder…

After Nigel horrifyingly discovers that his new benefactors are no better than his previous puppet master, he resolves to never again become a pawn. But with the sinister syndicate closing in on his location, an unlikely alliance might be his only hope of saving those he loves.

Can this keystroke genius undo his cyber-mayhem before everyone’s fatally decoded?

Crisis At Worlds End is the fascinating fourth book in the exhilarating Cyber Teen Project technothriller series. If you like wily characters, extreme action, and existence on the brink, then you’ll adore D. B. Goodin’s intense exploration of digital darkness.

Crisis At Worlds End to cleanse the chaos today!
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