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Cyber Teen Project: A Graphical Gamelit Adventure (Digital) - Issue 1

Cyber Teen Project: A Graphical Gamelit Adventure (Digital) - Issue 1

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What if the lines between the real-world and the virtual were blurred?

The online world of the Colossal Machine has always been an escape for Nigel and his friends. After months of inactivity, the teens decide to reunite for a gaming session when something inexplicable happens. Innocent fun turns deadly as the denizens of the Colossal Machine turn against Nigel and his party. In-game injuries manifest into real-life trouble. Magic is failing and is growing unreliable. As the teens investigate they soon notice that something is amiss that affects the very foundation of the game itself.

Will Nigel escape his virtual prison before the online world collapses? Click the Buy this button and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

If you like virtual fantasy worlds, magic and danger then you will love the Cyber Teen Project Graphic Adventure.

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