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The Ashes of Sagacity (Cyber Teen Project Book 5) - Digital

The Ashes of Sagacity (Cyber Teen Project Book 5) - Digital

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Playing with technology is fun… until it tries to reshape your humanity.

Enter a world where technology becomes a lethal weapon, threatening to reshape humanity itself. In the heart-stopping finale of the Cyber Teen Project series, "Ashes of Sagacity," Nigel Watson is hurled into a harrowing battle against a relentless army of homicidal cyborgs hell-bent on eradicating mankind.

Once seeking solace in the tranquil countryside, Nigel now finds himself amidst a war-torn landscape, where survival demands every ounce of his strength and expertise. With the sinister mastermind behind the cyborg uprising, the enigmatic Doc Chop, tightening his grip on society, Nigel must rally a team of extraordinary female assassins to become humanity's last hope. Together, they embark on a treacherous journey, navigating deadly terrains and facing the perils of cutting-edge technology at every turn.

As Nigel delves deeper into the heart of the chaos, the lines between ally and enemy blur, forcing him to forge alliances with unlikely companions. Along the way, shocking secrets unfurl, testing Nigel's loyalties and pushing him to his limits.

In a race against time, Nigel must confront Doc Chop and his formidable army head-on, willing to sacrifice everything to restore peace and ensure the survival of humanity. With the fate of his loved ones and the entire world hanging in the balance, Nigel's courage and resourcefulness will be pushed to the brink.

Prepare for an electrifying finale filled with heart-pounding action, unpredictable twists, and an epic battle that will determine the future of humanity. "Ashes of Sagacity" delivers a thrilling conclusion to the Cyber Teen Project series, perfect for fans craving adrenaline-fueled techno-thrillers, complex characters, and an unwavering fight against seemingly insurmountable odds. Join Nigel on his final, gripping mission to save the world from the clutches of darkness. The question remains: Will he emerge victorious or succumb to the chaos that threatens to consume everything he holds dear?

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